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    Tony Hart Horsemanship “From the ground up”

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    Tony Hart Horsemanship “From the ground up”

    May 09 2024

    Start: 12:00am

    Finish: 11:59pm

    Experience the transformative journey of the ‘From The Ground Up’ program by Tony Hart Horsemanship. Discover essential techniques for your horse’s development or simply marvel at the captivating bond between human and equine showcased in this extraordinary demonstration.

    Book your table for lunch or dinner to witness Tony Hart Horsemanship from 12:30-1:15pm & 6:30-7:15pm. Phone (07) 4922 3888 or book online now by clicking here

    Tony is an advocate of natural horsemanship, and has developed his own proven program for all breeds of horses.

    Born and raised in Brisbane, at the early age of 14 Tony found himself working part time at a local stud in Warwick Queensland. This was organised by his Uncle Lex, a stock inspector.

    Tony continued to pursue his love and dedication to horses which led him to employment as a Jackaroo on several stations in Northern Queensland. As he worked alongside traditional horse beakers and trainers, he soon began to develop his own style. He further studied many horsemanship methods and followed respected mentors.

    From the Ground Up:

    Tony has developed his own horsemanship program, “From the Ground Up” which is a proven starting method for all breeds.

    Tony is able to offer horse owners the chance to learn and experience this method for themselves and their horses through his clinics and shows.

    Tony’s horsemanship improves the performance of all breeds and disciplines, resulting in more responsive, supple and forward horses. The “From the Ground Up” program can also be applied to re-educating and problem solving for unhappy horses and their riders.